Stand Up for Choice

The Craft Cannabis Association of BC believes that small-scale producers have an important role to play in our communities, providing quality product, creating local jobs and equitable economic opportunity. This is our time to influence cannabis regulation in Canada.

Why Craft?

Local and small-scale craft cannabis production means consumers are directly connected with the producers of each and every product — ensuring high quality practices, broader choice and unique offerings.
Canadian communities are poised to benefit from a thriving cannabis culture and tradition. Local socio-economic activity associated with the industry creates a strong foundation for community development.
The cannabis industry is worth billions of dollars to Canadians. Right now we have a powerful opportunity to sustain and diversify our economy, with meaningful employment and substantial tax revenues.
Cannabis is a renewable agricultural resource. Post-prohibition will allow for further expansion of innovative applications, creating products and that help our transition towards a regenerative society.


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Let's bring these citizen farmers out of the shadows and into the light.

Steve DeAngelo